as the snake crawls this year

13 Feb

3 awesome days.

T’was a lovely time spent with family. And will never give anything up for this.

Once in a year catch up (never enough) with family and cousins is so ever precious. Even hearing everyone’s voices again seem all therapeutic! I love seeing what everyone wears, the boys in their now shirts (no longer t-shirts), the girls in their pretty dresses, aunts in their stunning jewellery and uncles in their ever handsome attire. It was great that we have the opportunity to skype Willard, Wilson and da ahyi back in US (albeit the 15 hours of time difference) – wish they are physically present with us too!

Every year, we all grow up – with our different phases of life and different challenges ahead. But it’s assuring to know that everything is in God’s hands, and we have family by our side to tide us through.

This year is a tad different, too – visiting bf’s grandma’s place and greeting his side of the family is pretty endearing. More faces to remember, but more joy of knowing more people, of course.

The third day’s highlight was a McDonald’s surprise party and a series of pranks for Leroy and Jeremy. Am thankful that the Lord bring this lovely group of people into my lives (: prayer support and monthly sharing, growing together in this transitional period is a company more than I can ever ask for, after graduation. 

And so, the three days of holidays have come to an end. Back to work (and school, my dear cousins) we all are. Office is pretty empty still – with people making the most of the holiday opportunities to go on leave. A part of me envy their out-of-office statuses, yet a part of me am thankful that I’m back in office safe – all the more delightful receiving an angpao from the company, topped with lunch and dessert with bf at VivaVox cafe. What a hideout during lunch time (: thanks for the lovely surprise.

that’s all folks!

marche with bestie

7 Feb

marche and dessert


It’s been quite a while since I was last at Marche, and the place still retains the country feel – log hut setting with little windows and cosy cloth lamps – which I simply adore. Rosti and crepe are a must, old favs.

It’s even nicer when the evening’d been spent with bestie Des (: Imagine we’re back at Europe trip, we mused. Missed those times, we have.

Dessert. St. Marc’s coffee’s a new place we targeted. Macha green tea on the menu – light and not too sweet, just right to fill up the curiosity. And at the little corner we hung out, with little chats on the growing up, grown up (not so) and yet ahead moments.

(: a night well spent, more to come.

onslaught of red

29 Jan

Chinese new year music is infiltrating every corner. The drums and festivites in red are all making their timely arrival.

I simply can’t wait for a gathering with families, and most of all, 2 days of holiday (:

I never thought public holidays could be such great joy until I started my work days.

ohwells. time to get a new year dress, but am just too lazy to shop around.

it’s twenty thirteen.

28 Jan


How time flies, as with the advent of every new year.

Blogging is as ancient as it can get, with the waves of Facebook updates and Twitter feeds. Weirdly, there’s this side of me which misses putting thoughts into prose as opposed to sentences tied with word limits, Facebook likes or re-tweets.

As I type this maiden post, I’m jolted of much memories of yesterdays. I feel like a primary one student, attempting a composition paper for the first time. I don’t really know what to put down in writing, but there are plenty of things roaming in the peripheries of my mind. It’s quite a funny feeling I must say, but I quite like it – strangely.

We all move on with our lives as time goes by, don’t we? And every transition is so beautiful in its own, special way – for daddy God is the author of them all (:

In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful, in His time. Lord my life to you I bring, may each song I have to sing, be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.

Thank you daddy God, for 2013 (: